The Power Of Character

Ever wondered why people of similar character always cluster together ?This is the result of the attractive power of character.

There is power in the character we exhibit and this may influence the outcome of our lives,whether we fail or succeed.

Character is influenced by the environment we are exposed to and the environment we are drawn to is determined by the values we uphold.

What then is Character ?

It is defined according to the Dictionary as the combination of traits and qualities distinguishing the individual nature of a person or also as the group of qualities that make a person or group of people different from others.

A person’s Character generally consists of how he thinks,see’s life,thinks,feels,relates with others,behaves or responds to challenges.Because these attributes are embedded ,they are often noticeable and difficult to discard.

Character can generally be classified based on their output  into two namely the strong and skewed Character.

Whereas a person with strong character exhibits such qualities as compassion,integrity,discipline,kind,good judgment,respectful,sense of responsibility.The person with skewed character showcases the qualities opposite to those listed.

Character is often acquired from the environment that one grew up in ( nurture } while an insignificant fraction is inherited [ nature }.

People with strong character are mostly admirable and tend to be more successful because they have acquired the qualities they need to build good and enduring relationships that can help them rise to the top in their pursuit.

Often than not,changing from,changing from skewed to strong character mode is difficult but not unattainable .It will require a shift in mindset and values which can be acquired by changing the mental environment which ironically is the feeder to our mind.

If we can build strong character,we invariably will be building the power to succeed.

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