Power of Vision to Succeed

There is always a struggle with ease of movement and location for people having sight challenge,though this is less problematic but it shows us the wider challenge people without ‘vision’ may face as both are similar.

Many attempt have been made to define what vision is.In basic term,it is the state being able to see but deeper it can be described as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.According to Merriam-Webster vision is defined as the act of power of imagination.

Because the future is uncertain and thereby difficult to predict,a life without vision will therefore find it hard to navigate the future they so desire.Vision can be for person,family,business and even National.


  • Without vision, your life/business will have no direction.
  • Life and businesses become complicated as there are no priorities.
  • Lack of vision leads to underachievement.
  • Without vision you easily get stranded and stagnated
  • A life without vision will not allow you to easily identify opportunities.


  • Vision gives you a guide to life.
  • You easily identify when you go amiss because you have a guideline.
  • Life is simplified because you already know where you are going.
  • With vision you are aware when you hit a milestone and this creates motivation.
  • Vision helps you anticipate and prepare for the future.
  • With vision you are readily identified for help,because people can see your track and trajectory.


First you will need to identify where you are ( enumerating specific metrics) as a person or business.

Then you project where you want to be in the future by projecting the specific metrics of where you want to be in specific time in the future.

After this,you will set up SMART goals that can take you to that projected future viewing through the mirror of your SWOT then follow through your goals.

Vision is not a cast in stone rule as such constantly conduct researches as to what may hinder the goals or help the goals and do not be afraid to recast the vision.


Since vision transcends personal benefits,it is then imperative to chart your vision to achieve goals the transcend self.To do this,you will need to do self appraisal and identify strength and gifts and look at how they can be used to solve anticipated future problems,the draw up goals on how that can be achieved.

When you deploy your total being following up the goals that will lead to your vision you will find yourself at the trajectory of success.Thus proving that vision possess power to make you successful.

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